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Move Into the Light!

In a room of one hundred people, close to one hundred percent will know of someone that has committed, attempted, or told them personally that they have no reason to go on living. Any suicide, a friend, sibling, significant other, or God forbid your child leaves you with the question, "Why!"

Is there something you could have done to stop the tragedy? Is the pain so great you are actively or passively considering suicide yourself?

My goal is to offer realistic avenues you can travel should suicide present itself on the horizon; approach it prepared and leave it in the rearview mirror. I will describe my actions and the therapies I’ve used to move from active to passive suicidal ideation.

Using myself as the guinea pig, I will take you along on my journey, revealing "How I" am negotiating the many speed bumps and potholes that continue to hamper a safe exit from the active suicidal ideation highway toward my ultimate destination of living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

Together, we can move Into the Light!

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